Negotiation Suggestions

With negotiations coming upon us quickly we will begin putting together a negotiation survey soon. In the past years we have always used a "canned" suggestion form that the International created. This year we would like to reach out to our members in an effort to put together a prioirity list of what our members want to accomplish during negotiations.

Below we would like for you to make suggestions about what you would like to accomplish during negotiations. Whether it is health insurance, pay increases, shift preferences, anything you want covered in negotiations. Once we have compiled a list of what our members want we will send out a paper to all members including everything that was suggested here. We will ask you to rank all the items on that list in prioirity order, but that is still to come. Let's work together and put together a comprehensive list here.

Lastly, the negotiating committee thanks you all for the time and thoughtfullness put into this. It will help us better understand what is important to you, the members.

Your name and email are optional here but we would highly suggest that you include them in case we need to contact you to better understand what you are requesting.